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If you were lucky enough to get last year's 2018 copy of the very first TGO NATURE & WILDLIFE CALENDAR, congratulations! You now own a piece of history with this sold-out beautiful date keeper which has now become a Collectors Edition.  

And with this year's Calendar release in November, you'll be even more proud to own and share the all-new 2019 version of this breathtaking AND invaluable resource you'll keep long after the year is over.


          *12 stunning full-page signed photographs every month                      *Only 12 special honorees earned a circle photo 
      *Inspirational quotes to enhance your planning activities                             *A convenient 'yellow pad' lined note box section

    *Easy reference section to find and refer each sponsor                                      *All photos taken within the boundaries of TGO       


*Over 2,000 photos submitted                                *60+ photos added to date boxes                   *30 photographers featured for 2019
*Names added over circle photos                            *More colorful holiday graphics                     *More detailed info for contributors     

*Sponsors wishes more visible                                *More TGO events listed in grid                     *Back cover shows all 12 photos

Nancy Bahr

Bob Bailey

Joan Bamberger

Bob Boyd

Coral Clark

Jim Dick

Carol Dinsmore

"Bumpa" Hennigar

Kimberly Howard

Susan Hubbard

Marion Hughes

Patty Jacobsen

Kris Lee-Scott

Dick Loehr

John Love

Pat Mahon 

Belle Maropis

Marisol Morales

Eileen Norrington

Nancy Presant

Robbin Pyles

June Santilli

Congratulations to the 2019 Photographers:

Florette Schilkraut

Jackie Seaman

Nancy Wagner

Bill White

Elena Whiting

Maureen Willett

Gary Wittstock

Donald Wyllie

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