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For 35 years, I have consciously found ways to help others by using my skills and talents, doing a small part in making the world a better place for everyone.

Massage Therapy

Healing modalities

Spa environments

Spiritual recovery

School counseling


Animal rescues

Mental health care, Cancer treatment

and more.

We have recently entered a unique time of unknown outcomes.  Stress, anxiety and fear may be eating away our serenity with each news flash.   This music may help you.

Calm Your Spirit with Hanai Music 


In 1992 I watched  helplessly as my beloved Himalayan kitty 'Kea' was dying feline leukemia.  Her gentle and affectionate disposition was the lifeline I was holding on to after  years of turmoil and upheaval.


As she slowly and painfully declined, I began playing soft, quiet piano melodies that came straight from my heart.  I was amazed to watch her sigh and relax, closing her eyes in peace while I played.  

Her reaction inspired me to compose an instrumental song specifically to share the love and contribution had she made in my life.  It was called "Kea's Song"   (Read More)

*Beautiful, soothing instrumental music

*Composed & played entirely by Hanai (Kris Lee-Scott)
*Originally written for her dying Himilayan kitty "Kea"

*Immediate MP3 downloads to add to your iTunes or music app

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