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Quick skills you can build in Apple devices, apps & browsers

Have you ever been frustrated when typing on your iPhone and noticed you made a mistake a few words back?  Most people attempt to backspace to the error and try to type the entire sentence (or paragraph) over again.

Here is a better way to fix a typing mistake!


If you have an iPhone XR or higher, simply hold (long-press) the space bar for 2 seconds and it becomes a curser which can slide back or up through the errant text without erasing.  When it reaches the right of the mistaken character, just tap the backspace (⌫) to delete, then replace with correct letter.


For older iPhones (6s thru XS Max) use a hard-press of 2 or more keyboard characters to enable the curser feature.

Once you use this tiny, but mighty trick, you’ll find that it’s an invaluable time saver!


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Did you know some newer iPhones can make a sound when it is turned on or off, similar to the iconic Mac Startup chime? 


You can enable this helpful feature If you have one of the following phones AND are running iOS 16 or iOS 17:

  • iPhone 14.

  • iPhone 14 Plus.

  • iPhone 14 Pro.

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max.

  • iPhone 15

  • iPhone 15 Plus.

  • iPhone 15 Pro.

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max

The feature is turned off by default; to switch it on: 

>Accessibility >Scroll down to Hearing section >Tap Audio/Visual >Enable ‘Power On & Off Sounds’


APPLE QUESTIONS? Call/Text Kris 321-243-4324

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