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3 GOOD THINGS - A Simple Daily Journal📘

JUST OUT!   3 GOOD THINGS Daily Journal is a beautiful, full color 6 x 9" compact personal life collection you create in less than 2 minutes a day.


It features 52 weeks of quick-entry 'good things' that happened in the day/night.  At the end of every 4 weeks, you will go to the back and choose a "JAR" to jot down your favorite things from the previous month.  

Then continue on with your daily entries for another 4 weeks, then go to the next empty jar and fill it with the blessings from that month.


When you have finished all the days, weeks and months of jars, go to the very back for your GIFTS pages.  Enter as many of the most heartfelt gratitudes you had in your jars and/or your weekly lists.  Then keep that book nearby whenever you need some inspiration, appreciation or joy to keep you going.

And don't forget to order another book for yourself, and consider giving one to a friend, family member or loved one to help raise their awareness and cultivate a valuable new habit that can change years of disappointment, discouragement and negativity.


 I will have a limited supply of the actual writable journals in full color arriving by Oct 30th. If you want to reserve any for yourself or gifts, please grab them now...


I developed this book because the action of acknowledging gratitude has been a strong foundation of my long-term sobriety...My story is in the introduction as well as instructions on how to use the book to change your life.


Each book is $15 ($3.50 added if shipped) and they make a wonderful and appreciated gift for any age (that can write)


Check it out here and be sure to view the pages in the back to see the complete journal that will add new mindfulness and joy to anyone's life. With ❤️, Kris

3 GOOD THINGS - A Simple Daily Journal📘

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