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(My Apple Tech Kris)

Kris Lee-Scott has been an Apple trainer, advisor and repair technician since 2010 for The Great Outdoors community in Titusville, FL. Her experience and expertise on all Apple platforms has educated and entertained hundreds of residents through her classes, workshops and one-to-one appointments, guiding & fixing problems with affordable and effective solutions.  

Whatever your questions, issues or problems you have with your Apple computers, iPhone, iPads, Apple Watch, Apple TV, or connecting to your internet, printer or Bluetooth, Kris will take the time to troubleshoot and solve every difficulty and help train you to learn and understand the magic of Apple's safe, secure and excellent-quality computers, devices and applications!   Afforably priced:          

         60 min only  $35         

90 min only $45

Just text or call:  (321) 243-4324 to request an appointment

or click the link below to book online 

Do you ever wish you could have Kris right next to you when you have trouble understand, learning or fixing an iPhone, iPad, or Mac issue?

Well, I will be right at your fingertips with answers in a click with my new downloadable reference book featuring the solutions to many of the questions you've asked!

Best of all, there is no subscription, no recurring fees, no surprises.  Once you make the purchase, it's yours to keep forever.   And the price is an astounding one time charge of only $10!  That's ONE-T
HIRD of the cost of having me over for only 1 hour.     Just click HERE to see more:  


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