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Dancing is Fun!

3 years ago I started a class here in The Great Outdoors, for fun and exercise but using the music of today!

My goal was to help members to improve their balance, coordination and stamina, to increase memory and retention and focus by doing short, choreographed routines after a stretch and strengthen warmup.

Using full length mirrors to help correct and refine our individual and group movements, the results have been nothing short of incredible!  

After viewing some of our recordings, I got permission from the dancers to post a few videos (edited for entertainment) on Facebook and TikTok.

Several of these Reels have gone 'viral' and have earned congratulations from the platforms that hosted them!   I'll post a few of these here, so enjoy!

If you want to join us for this easy class, we meet on THURS + SUNDAYS in the Pavilion at The Great Outdoors at 6:0o pm to about 7:00 - 7:30 pm (That means 'in the evening', LOL!). It's FREE and FUN💃

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