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As an owner of several successful businesses, I know what it takes to have integrity, great service and overwhelming customer satisfaction while providing the best solutions to real-world problems.


Whether as a photographer and real estate agent, a licensed hypnotherapist, or a best selling composer and musician, I've been blessed to be of use in diverse fields that utilized my skills, talents and experience to help others reach their highest potential.


In 1977 I discovered a new and intriguing product called an 'Apple Computer'.  It was visually based and I discovered it had the capacity to easily manipulate data, addresses, contacts and much more.  So I began my journey to learning everything Apple.


Over the years the Apple platform became an iMac, then a Mini, then an iPod, then an iPhone, followed by the iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, Apple TV and more!  I eagerly awaited each new device, upgrade, software and app and was among the first to purchase and find out how to get the most out of it.


After retiring from 25 years on the road with my original music and CDs, I started teaching classes in my mostly seniors community on what and how Apple devices and software could be useful and fun to learn.  Soon I was called to help my friends and neighbors to show them how to get connected to the internet, fix hardware issues with their iPhones and iPads and tutor them on a one-to-one basis to learn how they can read their email, surf online and even pay their bills.

But many more people outside of my local area were interested in focused learning, designing flyers, brochures and fix-it help from afar.  So here we are at where you can pick from what you need the most and get answers quick.  Book your appointment right online, give me a call to see what times I have available or let's talk about the website or design I can help you create.

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