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DANCE VIDEOS ~ Kris's latest TikTok, FB Reels & YouTube Vids!  (See below for a class videos and more!)

Hi, I'm Kris with a "K", and you are invited to browse around my site to find what sections engage, educate, inspire, or amuse you. 

I update this page frequently, so pass it on to friends & family!

NEW HOME OF HANAI MUSIC ~ You can now find your favorite Hanai Music and meditations right here in digital or CD format.  To read about Hanai's moving story, click the link in the top menu, and then visit the store tab for more gifts.


"HANAI CREATIONS" STORE ~ Fun, useful and inspirational products to help you share your light! BONUS: Free Shipping!

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APPLE TIPS & TECH SUPPORT ~ With 15 years of experience helping resolve issues and training for Apple devices and apps, I'll help you to get back on track quickly!

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