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The true story of Palatka, the Dixie Dingo who fought cancer more than half of her life, and taught us all how to live each moment to the fullest, one day at a time!

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In this beautiful hard-cover book you'll meet some of her many doggy friends who helped Palatka to overcome the difficult challenges along the way including cancer and illnesses, I was privileged to finally carrying forward her legacy to raise awareness of the very real issue of "Black Dog Syndrome".

Although it's been 4 years since she left for the Rainbow Bridge, I always knew I would write this book for and about her....It's the gift to everyone who knew her and the ones who will now read about the miracle of a life she had here on earth. 

Who will love it? Children, grandchildren, adults, pet owners and anyone who loves the world of animals and all that they have to teach us along our way.