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Tip #10 - 05/10/24

Have you ever been frustrated when typing on your iPhone and noticed you made a mistake a few words back?  Most people attempt to backspace to the error and try to type the entire sentence (or paragraph) over again.

Here is a better way to fix a typing mistake!


If you have an iPhone XR or higher, simply hold (long-press) the space bar for 2 seconds and it becomes a curser which can slide back or up through the errant text without erasing.  When it reaches the right of the mistaken character, just tap the backspace (⌫) to delete, then replace with correct letter.


For older iPhones (6s thru XS Max) use a hard-press of 2 or more keyboard characters to enable the curser feature.

Once you use this tiny, but mighty trick, you’ll find that it’s an invaluable time saver!


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