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Quick skills you can build in Apple devices, apps & browsers



Tip #11 - 05/24/24



Alright, let's dive into the riveting world of copying and pasting text on an iPhone…


1.) Find Your Text-Locate the text you want to copy. Could be a profound quote, a sarcastic comment, or just your grocery list.


2.) Select and adjust the Text - Tap and hold on the text until you see a magnifying glass and some options pop up.  Adjust the selection handles to highlight the exact portion you want. It’s like threading a needle, but way easier.


3.) Copy the Text - Once your text is highlighted, a small menu magically appears listing possible options (choices). Just tap on "Copy". This is the moment your text is transferred to the mysterious land known as the clipboard.


4.) Navigate to Your Desired Paste Location - Open the app or document where you want to paste your text. This could be Messages, Notes, or even an informative email.


5.) Paste the Text - Tap and hold the spot where you want to insert your text.

When the options appear, tap "Paste". Voila! Your text materializes as if by magic.


You have now leveled up your iPhone/iPad skills. Consider doing a little victory dance.



Quick Select All: If you need to copy everything in a field, double-tap within the text area to see the "Select All" option.


Undo: Accidentally deleted your text? Shake your iPhone to bring up the undo option.


Now go forth and copy-paste like the My Apple Tech Kris wizard you are! 🧙‍♂️📱


APPLE QUESTIONS? Call/Text Kris 321-243-4324


APPLE QUESTIONS? Call/Text Kris 321-243-4324

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